We develop an ecosystem of high-performance companies and alliances to deliver value to our clients and talent.

The world has evolved, and so have we.

Today we complement our value proposition with Matrix Hub, an ecosystem that brings together the best companies, experts, tools and solutions that allows us to complement and offer a high-level, comprehensive and innovative consulting service. Thanks to our network, we deliver a global service for your company’s needs.

We seek to accelerate the role of purchasing departments and enhance their positioning as a business unit within companies, digitally accelerating day-to-day management and strengthening internal capabilities to deliver real results faster.


We use optimization models to deliver advanced analytical solutions, employ our machine learning system to detect patterns, and predict external variables through our econometric models and internal variables through simulation model.
We design and build cloud applications for web browsers and mobile Apps for Android and iOS platforms, focusing on the design of digital experiences.
Development and implementation of cryptocurrency payment mediums.
Focuses on image and language processing, authentication with facial biometrics.

Take your company to the next level

We provide our clients more value in less time.

by approaching our solutions with technology ecosystems and managed services
Drimo specializes in customer digital transformation processes.

They develop attractive, secure and scalable web and mobile applications through agile, communicative, and flexible methodologies, drawing upon their vast experience
Notus is a DICTUC spin-off. They are experts in driving transformations within companies through solutions and advanced analytics models that support and facilitate complex decision-making processes.

It´s a firm specializing in cost-efficiency consulting and management, impacting customer value creation.

Xinergy generates synergies between the client and their suppliers through disruptive technologies.