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We are a family where high performance, integrity, vitality and world-class services are all dynamically connected.

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We’re looking for you because you want to face new challenges and push the limits.

You don’t take anything for granted, and you’re interested in looking from different perspectives. You want to step out of your comfort zone and challenge the status quo.

Because you’re an agent of change and want to develop yourself as a leader, building long-term relationships with clients based on trust and professional ethics.

Because you maintain a positive and motivated attitude, and you want to be part of a stimulating and creative environment where we celebrate achievements while creating and promoting fun spaces.

Specific and challenging
career plan

When you join Matrix Consulting you join a planned career path that allows you to advance according to your skills, level of studies and demonstrated results. We invite you to learn more about it below. 



As a consultant, you might participate in several of the various stages of client project creation. You may be responsible for gathering the necessary information in an initial stage, developing content analysis and giving presentations to share the solutions found with clients.

Consultor senior

Senior consultant

In this role, you have already acquired the necessary tools to participate in the deployment of solutions to address customer issues. You may be responsible for leading complex parts of a project or even take charge of specific fronts. You will also be expected to develop strong relationships with clients and, in turn, you can be a mentor for the younger consulting teams that are joining Matrix.



Completing a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is a crucial milestone to move up to the next levels in Matrix Consulting’s professional career. This is why we offer you all the support you need to complete your degree in the best universities around the world, sponsoring the entire program and retaining your place in the organization, ready for your return. Upon your return, we also offer you an accelerated professional development plan.



As an associate, you are responsible for planning the entire execution of a project and continually managing solid client relationships. You can also lead the implementation of solutions deployed by Matrix teams to address each issue, ensuring its proper implementation.


At this stage, you are responsible for managing a project in its entirety, covering all its development phases, including planning, execution and measurement of results. You are also in charge of the working relationship with clients and of fostering your team’s development in order to discover and employ their full potential.



You are responsible for guiding the execution of one or several parallel projects, sharing your expertise with the work team. You maintain solid and permanent relationships with clients, positioning yourself as an expert in the various working subject matters. You also play an increasingly active role in the company’s business decisions.

Vice president

At this stage, you are responsible for ensuring the development of the business, taking pains to enhance the team’s talent and building trust relationships with current and future customers, permanently identifying business opportunities and spaces for collaboration. You also drive knowledge development and push the boundaries of what clients believe is possible.


You have reached the final stage of professional growth at Matrix. From now on, you are responsible for building the company’s future, identifying new opportunities to enhance its growth, and playing a key role in making internal and external strategic decisions that impact organizational culture. You also develop and cultivate long-term relationships with current and future clients.

Ongoing support for accelerated professional development

Mentoring program

From day 1 you will have a mentor who will help you advance in your career plan and ensure that Matrix becomes the perfect place to develop as a professional and as a person.


At Matrix, we foster people who are empowered with their professional development. You will be the one who decides to present your case for promotion when you feel ready to face new challenges.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We continue to challenge ourselves every day and adapt to the new challenges that arise. Therefore, we will encourage you to lead new initiatives and contribute with your particular approach to established processes.

Shared knowledge

You will be part of a vibrant knowledge-based environment, where we open spaces led by our “Matricians” and alumni to share learning of the highest level.

Team testimonial

Luis Felipe Ross

At Matrix we care about the personal and professional well-being of our colleagues. Our message is clear: results do not come first, people do.

We want to go far, but as a team. We will never sacrifice our teamwork and spirit to achieve a specific objective – that’s not who we are.

Here we live and breathe a culture in which everyone celebrates the success of other team members. We all feel as committed to the development of our colleagues as we do to our own, because we are convinced that successes and failures belong to the whole team… It’s true; we’re different… we’re Matrix Consulting.

Luis Felipe Ross

Alumni testimonial

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