Matrix Consulting: International strategy consulting

We are an international strategic consulting firm that helps leading companies drive transformations and face unique challenges. 

We specialize in triggering long-term impact to support your company’s journey toward reaching its goals. 


we do

We work with our clients to lead them to reach their maximum potential through sustainable and disruptive recommendations born from a global vision, and a tailored service that draws upon deep sector expertise. 

Putting people at the heart of our work, we design and implement innovative, gold-standard and long-term solutions. 

High Performance 

We believe in a kind of consultancy where high performance, integrity and world-class services are all dynamically connected; a consultancy with a rigorous approach to value creation for our clients. 

High Vitality 

We experience interaction not just as the engine that drives us toward excellence but as a living idea that intellectually stimulates us, that shapes us as leaders and keeps us in constant motion. We achieve results quickly, with perspective and agility. 

High Humanism 

Putting people at the center of organizations has always been our discourse and modus operandi. 

We believe in integrity, humility, enthusiasm and enjoying the experience. We strive for fewer egos and more positive energy. 


drives us

We believe in a consultancy where high performance and integrity, robustness and vitality, world-class services and a stimulating entrepreneurial spirit are all connected. We are a strategic consulting firm that puts people at the center of organizations. We aim to positively impact society through our projects and leadership mentoring. 
Nothing matters more to us than people, their talent and development. Everything springs from this: from people and human interaction. We believe in the exchange of ideas and perspectives. We seek a strong human connection to transform businesses. 

What makes
us different


In our offices in Miami, Bogota, Medellin, Lima and Santiago, we have a diverse, multidisciplinary, international and high-performing expert team, with more than 150 collaborators who boast a solid academic background and experience in various industries, both in consulting and in the management of big companies. 

Our social impact 

Sharply aware that contributing to a better world is everyone’s responsibility, we help non-profit organizations achieve their highest potential through pro-bono projects. 

We developed and agreed on strategic guidelines to drive their sustainability, effectiveness and efficiency for the next 10 years. 
We provided support in the development of their 10-year strategic plan, bolstering the sustainable development of soccer in Chile. 
We co-defined a strategy to adequately face the challenges of the next 5 years and achieve self-sustainable growth. 
We defined their underpinning strategy, maximizing the impact of the foundation on the teaching and educational system in Chile.